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Invisalign in Canfield: How to Take Care of Your Aligners

August 9, 2018

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A person holding a pair of clear aligners.When people understand the steps to straightening teeth with clear aligners, their eyes light up with hope. Not having to change their appearance or their diet is incredibly convenient, especially when they understand how much shorter treatment for Invisalign in Canfield is. While Invisalign offers many unique benefits, aligners are not indestructible. They still need to be handled with care and properly maintained.

Here are three tips to keep in mind during your treatment.

Clean Your Aligners Daily

The best time to clean your aligners is during your oral care routine. When you wake up in the morning, remove your aligners and place them in a cleaning solution while you brush and floss. This solution can be either Invisalign’s own blend of cleaning crystals or simple denture cleanser. Both work to break down bacteria and sanitize them for use throughout the day.

Once they’ve soaked, use a dedicated toothbrush to brush off loose food debris and plaque. While you can use toothpaste to clean them, avoid using whitening toothpaste which often contains bleaching agents that can stain aligners.

Do not use scented or colored soap as they can leave behind a bad aftertaste and even stain aligners, making them more visible when in use. Always use lukewarm water as hot water can potentially warp the shape of the aligners.

Eating and Drinking With Aligners

Any time you eat food or chew gum, it’s important that you remove your aligners. The plastic is strong enough to gently shift teeth over time, however they are not strong enough to handle the biting force associated with chewing. Gum shouldn’t be chewed for longer than 20 minutes anyway, so there’s no reason to do so while wearing aligners.

The only beverage you can drink while wearing aligners is plain water. By drinking any other beverage, you risk staining them and making them more visible. Avoid richly pigmented beverages such as wine, dark juices, colas and teas.

Keeping Your Aligners Safe

When your aligners are not in use, keep them in their protective case. Do not leave them exposed to air as this can dry them out, making them a breeding ground for bacteria. They’ll also begin to develop a poor smell, increasing your risk of bad breath. If traveling with your aligners, keep them in a carry-on bag or other luggage that’s physically on you. This way you won’t experience interruptions in your treatment should they get lost in transit.

If your aligners are lost or damaged in any way, let your orthodontist know right away. They’ll confirm whether you should simply revert back to a previous pair, move on to the next pair, or replace them. These must be ordered by your Invisalign doctor.

Treatment is simple when you know how to make your aligners last. Schedule an appointment with an orthodontist in Canfield today to learn more tips on Invisalign care!

About the Author

Dr. Marissa Mikolich has over a decade of experience helping patients straighten their smile. To provide the most advanced orthodontic care possible, she went on to earn her Master of Science degree in Oral Biology after dental school. To learn more about her practice, you can contact her through her website.

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