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Clear & Ceramic Braces Materials

Woman wearing clear bracesWhen you think of braces, it’s likely you imagine a young person with a smile covered in metal brackets and wires and brightly colored rubber bands. These traditional braces are still effective and predictable, but more and more, patients come to Mikolich Orthodontics looking for braces that are less noticeable when they smile. These cosmetic solutions are especially popular among adult patients who want to maintain a professional image and confidence throughout their orthodontic treatment. Patients who have allergies or sensitives to metal have often been unable to comfortably complete orthodontic correction, but clear and ceramic braces give them the opportunity to receive the same treatment available to patients with traditional metal braces without worrying about potential side effects caused by the materials. If you would like to find out more about clear and ceramic braces, please call our Canfield, OH orthodontic office to schedule a consultation. We welcome patients form surrounding communities including Austintown and Columbiana.

Teen girl with tooth-colored braces

What are Clear & Ceramic Braces?

When we talk about clear or ceramic braces, this is a reference to bracket and wire orthodontic systems that use materials that blend in with the natural coloring of the teeth. Clear braces are a less noticeable alternative to metal braces providing patients with efficient and effective treatment just as with metal braces.

Closeup of smile with clear braces

How do Clear Braces Work?

Clear braces align the teeth similarly to traditional metal braces.  Clear brackets are attached to the front surface of the teeth and wires are held in place with clear or tooth colored bands. Over the course of treatment, the wires are adjusted to place constant, gentle pressure on each bracket to move each tooth to its ideal position. 

Adult woman with subtle clear braces

What are the Benefits of Clear & Ceramic Braces?

There are many reasons why patients enjoy treatment with clear and ceramic materials compared with traditional metal brackets and wires. Some of the things we hear most often from our patients include:

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