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Orthodontic Appliances

Woman holding Invisalign tray and model with of smile with bracesBy and large, patients think about traditional bracket and wire braces when they hear the word orthodontics. However, there are a variety of other orthodontic treatment appliances that may improve the way a patient’s oral and facial structures work. We use a variety of oral appliances to make room for teeth to shift, maintain appropriate spacing for teeth lost too soon, or retain the results achieved through orthodontic treatment. Most patients who undergo orthodontic care end up using at least one oral appliance in addition to braces, alignment trays, and other smile aligning techniques. If you’d like to find out more about orthodontic appliances, braces, or other services available from the skilled and caring team at Mikolich Orthodontics, call our team today. Our Canfield, OH orthodontist welcomes patients from surrounding communities including Salem and Columbiana.

Teen with braces laying outside

Four Main Types of Appliances

There are dozens of styles and brand names of orthodontic appliances, but there are four main types of orthodontic appliances:

Animation of oral appliance

The Herbst Appliance

The Herbst appliance and other skeletofacial growth modification appliances are devices used to change the positioning of the entire bite. These appliances are often recommended for patients who have severe over, under, or crossbite. Combined with braces or other orthodontic treatments, the Herbst appliance allows the jaw to gently, painlessly shift into its ideal location, so the bite works together flawlessly and even pressure is placed across the teeth. We use the Herbst appliance in our office because it has been developed and researched thoroughly, so we know it will deliver the high standard of care we strive to provide our patients.

Model of smile with palatal expander

Mini Rapid Palatal Expander

This innovative palatal expansion appliance is great for young children who need treatment to widen their bite. Standard Rapid Palatal Expanders are composed of two loops connected to the back molars, two bars that apply even pressure and stabilization for the appliance, and a large, flat connector that holds the two sides together and is adjusted to apply increasing pressure on the back teeth to open a constricted bite. As the name implies, the mini RPE appliance works in exactly the same, but the device itself is much smaller, making it ideal for young patients and those with sensitive gag reflex. We often recommend these appliances for our patients who are struggling to chew thoroughly or speak clearly due to a bite that does not allow adequate space for the tongue and throat muscles to work. These appliances are especially useful for those Phase 1 orthodontic patients in need of palatal expansion.

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