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Traditional Braces

Teen girl with traditional braces

Metal brackets, wires, and rubber bands are what comes to mind when most people think about braces. While this traditional orthodontic treatment method still offers reliable care using a tried and true technique, there have been numerous innovations in the materials and procedures that make traditional braces anything but old fashioned. With many technological advancements, metal braces move teeth faster and with more comfort than ever before.  If you or your child is in need of dental alignment, metal braces offer predictable, effective treatment for even the most advanced orthodontic cases. Whatever your smile alignment needs, Dr. Mikolich and her team will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan in order to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. Contact us to schedule your orthodontic consultation today. Our Canfield, OH practice welcomes patients from Austintown, Salem, and other nearby communities. We offer orthodontic services for kids, teens, and adults, so don’t hesitate to call our office no matter what your age or stage of dental development. It’s never too late to get the flawless smile of your dreams. 

Animation of metal bracket and wire braces

How Braces Work

For centuries, doctors have used braces to move teeth into their ideal positions, giving patients perfectly straight, functional, beautiful smiles. Metal and ceramic braces are composed of a series of brackets and wires. The brackets are attached to the front surfaces of teeth and a wire runs between each bracket. Each wire is secured with a rubber or metal ligature   Braces slowly move teeth to the proper position by applying a constant, gentle force via orthodontic wires to the teeth.  The length of treatment time with braces varies between one to three years and is dependent upon the severity of your case, age and patient compliance.     

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