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Phase I Orthodontics

Dentist showing little girl who smile in mirrorSometimes called early intervention orthodontics, Phase 1 pediatric orthodontics are treatments that allow us to prepare young patients’ smiles to develop correctly and reduce the need for more advanced orthodontic interventions after the teeth, jaw, and orofacial structures are fully developed. At Mikolich Orthodontics, we encourage young patients to visit us for a consultation around the age of seven, if there are any indicators that they may need orthodontic care in the future. This early evaluation gives us the opportunity to determine whether or not a patient can benefit from Phase 1 orthodontic intervention. If your general or pediatric dentist has indicated your child may need to consider Phase 1 treatment, contact our office to schedule your consultation. During this quick, comfortable appointment, Dr. Marissa Mikolich will carefully examine your child’s developing dental and facial structures. Our Canfield, OH office treats patients from other surrounding communities including Salem and Columbiana.

Teen girl with braces smiling

Who Needs Early Orthodontic Intervention?

Early intervention or Phase 1 orthodontics are indicated for young patients who show signs they are developing oral structures that are less than perfectly aligned. These young patients are often referred to our team around the age of seven by their general or pediatric dentist. At this point, many of the primary teeth will have erupted, and these dentists will have a good understanding of the child’s developing structures. When patients come to us for Phase 1 orthodontics, we work with them to guide the development of oral and facial structures to accommodate the ideal dental alignment.

Signs that may indicate the need for early orthodontic treatment include:

Preteen girl with traditional braces

What Happens During Phase 1 Orthodontics?

We may use orthodontic appliances, braces, or even minor surgical treatments to prepare teeth and facial structures to develop optimal function. During Phase 1 orthodontics, we will use any combination of these treatments in order to:


Young girl with traditional braces

Do I Need Phase 2 Orthodontics, if I Have Phase 1 Treatment?

In most cases, patients will still need Phase 2 orthodontic intervention with braces or aligners. The early intervention orthodontic treatment improves the patient’s Phase 2 treatment by creating the optimal conditions for teeth, jaws, and other oral and facial structures to develop in their ideal positions. Following Phase 1 treatment, the alignment of permanent teeth is typically completed much more quickly and comfortably. We do typically encourage patients to use retainers following both phases of treatment because these orthodontic appliances ensure that teeth do not shift once they’ve been maneuvered into their final positions for optimal oral and facial function.  

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